Middle East and North Africa - MENA – Diagnostic is part of MENA Group and a leading distributor of diagnostic and medical products in Libya.
We partner with and represent leading instrumental companies in the diagnostic, life sciences and biotechnology fields.
We provide several products from kits, reagents and consumables to medical equipment, drugs and healthcare products. In addition, we offer hospital and lab design and furniture in addition to turn-key projects. Furthermore, we provide medical and scientific training through MENA Training Programs on-site in Libya, in our facilities in Sweden, and elsewhere worldwide.

Provide leading technologies and innovations that will improve the life quality of Libyan people.

Our commitment to the Libyan customers As a top Libyan company that provides scientific, diagnostics and medical products and services, MENA Diagnostic partners with the leading producers of scientific, diagnostics and medical products and distribute their innovative products in the rapidly growing Libyan market to enable our Libyan customers to achieve outstanding success in molecular diagnostics, pharma and life sciences.

MENA Diagnostic was founded in 1996 in Sweden by Dr. Abdalla Elbergli and Professor Mikael Kubista as one of four sister companies in the Xanadu group. The other companies are LightUp Technologies AB, TATAA Biocenter, MultiD Analyses ;
In 1999, after the lifting of sanctions against Libya, Mikael Kubista was appointed international scientific advisor to UNESCO to help establish biotechnology research and modern diagnostics in Libya.
MENA Diagnostic became one of the main suppliers of diagnostic products and research instruments to Libya, many of which where installed personally by Mikael Kubista.  In 2003, MENA Diagnostic’s main office was moved to Tripoli, and in 2004/2005, when drug import to Libya was deregulated, MENA Pharma division was established. Today MENA Diagnostic has offices in Tripoli, Bengazi, Musrata and Gothenburg (Sweden). We have three warehouses and general store facilities including freezers.
We have internationally highly experienced management, a strong and dedicated sales and service team with a strong scientific and medical background.

Founders and presidents:

Dr. Abdalla Elbergli - Co-founder and president of MENA Diagnostic

Dr. Elbergli started the company while working with Professor Mikael Kubista as postdoctor fellow at Chalmers University and Sahlgrenska University hospital during 1994-1999. Dr Elbergali is a biostatistician with a PhD from Bristol University, UK. He is an experienced manager and company leader

Professor Mikael Kubista - Co-founder and president of the Swedish office.

Dr. Kubista has a PhD in chemistry from Chalmers University and a postdoctor from Yale University, USA. He co-founded MENA diagnostics with Dr. Elbergali, and he has previously founded the diagnostic company “LightUp Technologies AB”, the diagnostic service provider “TATAA Biocenter”, and the bioinformatics company “MultiD Analyses AB”. Dr. Kubista has developed several technologies and solutions that are in the diagnostic market today, and he serves as a scientific advisor to several international biotechnology and Pharmaceutical companies

Advisors :

Dr. Fateh Elnefrew

Dr. Elnefrew has  a PhD in molecular biology from Manchester University, UK. He was running the diagnostic laboratory at Subrata Cancer Hospital for many years, and he is presently the laboratory manager of the St. James Hospital Diagnostic Center in Tripoli, Libya 

Dr. Mohamed  Elmogy

Dr. Elmogy received his PhD degree from Brock University (Canada). He is a Research Scientist at the National Research Centre (Egypt) and has many years of experience through different academic and industrial research projects in both Canada and Egypt. In addition, he is participating in the implementation of different quality management systems. The research of Dr. Elmogy focuses on adenoviral gene expression as well as enzyme modulation and expression

Dr. Kamal Abubaker 

Dr. Abubaker obtained his PhD degree from Brock University (Canada). He is a staff member at Misurata University and has an accumulated experience in cell and molecular genetics and the use of siRNA technology in molecular biology applications. After receiving his degree, Dr. Abubaker has participated in different research activities at Agriculture and Agrifood Canada and his current research interest is focusing on DNA profiling.

Mena Diagnostic  has its main office located in Tripoli in addition to two branches in the cities of Benghazi (east of Libya) and Misurata (middle of Libya) to geographically cover the entire Libyan market and stay in close contact with our clients

MENA Diagnostic represents leading suppliers in the diagnostic, life sciences, and biotechnology fields to provide several products including but not limited to kits, reagents, consumables, medical equipment, drugs and healthcare products.