At the forefront of the molecular biology revolution, more than 500,000 customers worldwide are using QIAGEN Sample & Assay Technologies to achieve breakthroughs based on the building blocks of life – DNA, RNA and proteins.Doctors are diagnosing diseases more precisely and quickly to guide treatment decisions. Scientists are conquering new frontiers in the understanding of life – and translating that knowledge into better medications. And experts are safeguarding the public with molecular technologies for human identification, veterinary testing and food safety. A new generation of QIAGEN innovation is creating value in the global market with solutions not even imagined a few years ago. And so we are fulfilling our mission of making improvements in life possible.


Molecular Diagnostics
QIAGEN provides solutions from sample to result for companion diagnostics (oncology), infectious disease and transplantation testing, and detection of sexually transmitted diseases and latent tuberculosis. At QIAGEN, we strive to provide products that enable private and public facilities, hospitals and community clinics, and pathology and immunology labs to provide efficient and reliable diagnoses for patients based on clinical value.


Next-Gen Sequencing                                                                                                     


QIAGEN, with its leading expertise in sample preparation

technologies, has developed a complete portfolio of dedicated

products to optimize your workflow – on any NGS instrument.

Reliable nucleic acid purification from any sample material,

high-quality, target-enriched samples and streamlined library

preparation procedures, together with market-leading data

analysis and interpretation tools, ensure focused and

accurate results.


QIAGEN’s portfolio of bioinformatics tools enables:
Analysis, comparison, and visualization of sequencing data
User-friendly customization of comprehensive bioinformatics solutions
Hypotheses about novel mechanisms of action underlying patterns in data
Interpretation of upstream/downstream effects of gene expression changes
Enterprise-level handling, curating, and analysis of NGS data

Life Science Research

Cancer Research
Neurodegenerative Disease Research
Drug Development
Environmental & Water Testing
Food Safety Testing
Microbiology Research
Next-Gen Sequencing
Plant Research
Research Applications

Human Identity & Forensic Testing
Human identity testing is a challenging field. Forensic and paternity testing facilities need to return results very quickly without sacrificing accuracy. QIAGEN’s high-quality instruments and chemistry provide the required speed, precision, and reliability.

Animal Pathogens & Genotyping
Animal disease outbreaks can have far reaching social and economic repercussions. It is important for the veterinary industry to detect pathogens quickly, reliably, and sensitively.

Animal & Veterinary Testing
Preventing the spread of pathogens within livestock, and from livestock to humans is essential for ensuring both animal and human welfare. QIAGEN is committed to providing high-quality, easy-to-use, and sensitive molecular solutions to enable veterinary pathogen detection.

Genes & Pathways
At GeneGlobe, you can discover and order gene- and pathway-specific solutions for RNAi, gene expression analysis, functional analysis, miRNA research, epigenetics, next-generation sequencing, and genotyping. Browse the product range according to your gene, pathway, technology, or biological field of interest.