icon  Hospital & Lab design and furniture

MENA Diagnostic offers lab designs and arrangements based on requirements for modern hospitals and laboratories. Our design team can handle the following  for hospitals and laboratories:

i. Floor design of new facilities and integration of equipment and furniture.

ii. Re-designing of current facilities.

iii. Providing equipment suitable for each section of the facility.

iv. Furniture of  facilities with high quality products


Please contact us for more details.


icon   Shipping assistance

We provide shipping and transport services to and from Libya to different destinations worldwide, we help in all the legal procedures to facilitate your shipment process and provide the required environment for shipment (cooling,  freezing …. Etc).

Our services include:

i. Shipping and receiving of biological and clinical samples.

ii. Handling and Shipping of scientific and medical equipment and tools


For more information, please check MENA Logistics' website: www.diagnostic.mena-group.org


icon Our training and research partners:

Please list all possible centers inside and outside Libya, such as:

- Misurata University - Lybia
- Biotechnology Research Center - Libya
- TATAA Biocenter – Sweeden… Etc

For more information, please check MENA Training’s website: www.diagnostic.mena-group.org

icon  Conference and Event Organization:

Whether it is national or international conference, scientific or medical meeting or workshop, we offer our help and support for conferences and events organization through planning and logistic support, communication, arrangements, publications and administration.

For more information, please check MENA Conferences' website: www.diagnostic.mena-group.org