TATAA Biocenter1


TATAA Biocenter offers a full range of real-time qPCR services and contract research to Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies and takes part in several EU funded research projects and national R&D efforts.

Hands-on training

TATAA Biocenter develops and performs a broad spectrum of hands-on courses in qPCR world-wide, covering all aspects from basic introductory courses for users entering the field of qPCR to advanced application based courses.


TATAA Biocenter develops high-quality products for quantitative real-time PCR applications which are available in our webshop or from any of our distributors. We also provide a carefully chosen selection of products from other well-known brands within the life science field. Products include:

  • Cell Isolation
  • Consumables
  • Lab Equipment
  • Molecular Tests for Cancer
  • Protein Detection
  • Reagents