Clients and contracted partners

Over the years, MENA Diagnostic has become one of the most important companies in the Libyan Market and has become a destination for many public and private partners for their assistance, attention and dedication to work to provide best services in the most difficult circumstances that the country has experienced, here is a list of some clients that MENA Diagnostic provide these products to:
  • Tripoli Medical Center
  • Misurata Medical Center
  • National Center for Animal Health
  • National Center of disease and control
  • National Cancer Institute Misurata
  • National Cancer Institute Sabratha
  • Misurata Diabetic Center
  • Sabha Cancer Center
  • Tripoli Children Hospital
  • University of Misurata Faculty of Medicine
  • Alshark Hospital Misurata
  • Saint James Hospital
  • Tripoli Central Hospital
  • Biotechnology and Research Center
  • University of Tripoli Faculty of Medicine
  • Zawia Kidney Center

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